Sponsorship in SVGLS

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Sacramento Valley Gay & Lesbian Softball. Whether your interest is in sponsoring a specific team or the league generally, we could not exist without your generous contribution to the community. There are many costs associated with organized league play both to the organization and each individual team from field rental and umpires to uniforms and tournament travel. The specific way in which you offer your support is up to you.

SVGLS has created the following Sponsorship Information Packet to guide you in your sponsorship decisions and hope you find it helpful. You will find a list of our current sponsors below as well to give you an idea about what sorts of businesses support our league. We are happy to provide additional information on the experience of previous sponsors at your request as well. To get started, please fill out the Sponsorship Information Form below.  If you have any questions please contact the SVGLS Treasurer.

Meet Our Team Sponsors

Please thank our sponsors and show your patronage!